Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I had a really scary dream...more like nightmare!

My dream was really exciting at first because there were bats in there. Bats are probably one of my top 10 favorite animals. Why you may ask?

• Bats are the ONLY flying mammal in existence. If you are thinking "Oh Stacey you are so dumb you don't know anything. What about flying squirrels?" I would have to say to you that you are not only rude, but also very WRONG! Flying squirrels do not fly they just glide.

• One brown bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes in one hour!!

• Bats are more related to humans than rodents

• Bats can live 32 years!!!!

So yea to say I was excited in the beginning of this dream would be an understatement. All of a sudden the bats turned slimy and really really mean. They kept biting me. I was surprised cause bats are usually very non-aggressive creatures. Then I realized, these are not bats they are monsters that look like bats. I was so scared. Then I woke up. Thank God it was only a dream.

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