Saturday, August 29, 2009

Funny things and life lessons

I was thinking about how funny it is when people fall down. Even if they get hurt I still think its so funny. It's like that one time in the dorms when I was trying to do calf-raises on my desk chair and chair fell out from under me. It hurt really bad but I'm sure it looked hilarious.

This incident of mine reminded me of some life lessons I have learned and I think you should know them.
  • Don't do calf-raises on chairs.
  • Don't spray your pepper spray in the toilet to make sure it works.
  • Don't stick a penny up your nose.
  • Using your rollerblades on ice is not the same as ice skating and is very dangerous.
  • If your gel deodorant is clogged do not continue to twist the knob while it is pointed at your eye.
  • Be very careful while using a paper cutter in the darkroom

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