Monday, November 16, 2009

This time of year has got me reminiscing...

Penny Lane was a special Beta fish that lived in a bowl, on Stacey’s desk. She loved to watch TV and Stacey doing homework. The days went on leading up to November 28th Stacey’s birthday! Stacey was going to have a very special ugly sweater birthday party the week before.

It was finally the night of the party. The keg was tapped and the sweaters were on. Everyone was having such a great time. Stacey wanted to share her great time with Penny Lane. She brought up Penny Lane and fed her a little bit of birthday cake.

The next morning Stacey awoke to a fish bowl full of birthday cake! “How did this happen?” Stacey thought. She new at once she must clean out her fish bowl. During this cleaning she was talking to her roommates about how one time her sister dropped her fish down the sink. She looked down and realized Penny Lane was gone!!! She was down the sink! Stacey reached her hand down the drain and felt Penny Lane flopping around. After many failed attempts, Stacey pulled Penny Lane out alive. From that day on Penny Lane swam like a cork screw.

When it was time to visit home for Thanksgiving break Stacey brought Penny Lane along with. Stacey’s mom thought that it would be a good idea for Penny Lane to stay at home until Stacey returned for winter break. It was a sad couple weeks for Stacey without her friend. She counted down the days until she could see her again. When the day came for these friends to be united, Stacey raced home to her parent’s house and ran through the doors. She looked everywhere but could not find Penny Lane! She asked her mom who nonchalantly told her that Penny Lane died the day after she left back after Thanksgiving break. She forgot to tell her! It was a very sad day indeed for Stacey.


  1. a very good day before her untimely death. RIP penny lane :(