Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's events like these that make me realize how awesome my life is...

Last night, roommate Kaitlyn and I went to this speaker thing on Mental Health awareness for this campus project we are a part of. We went early because we had to volunteer. We were in the bathroom talking about how Kaitlyn couldn't pee because she was pee shy. It was one of those stall to stall conversations. When I was washing my hands she was still in the stall telling me about how it sucks to have a tiny bladder and was going on and on. In the middle of her story a lady walked in the bathroom. Kaitlyn kept going with her story until I "shhhed." This lady heard about Kaitlyn's small bladder issues. We laughed and thought “no big deal we will never see her again.”

Fast forward 15 minutes...

At the beginning of this presentation the opening speaker welcomed the first lady of Colorado to this presentation. The first lady stood up and IT WAS THE LADY THAT WAS IN THE BATHROOM!!! So now the Governor of Colorado’s wife knows about Kaitlyn's peanut sized bladder.


  1. bahahahah i'm just that cool stacey. i feel honored to be on your blog.

  2. lol; that was hilarous.
    I like your blog. It's worth reading. Im following you. I want Quality people to follow me. Follow me too.