Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spooky Story

I am going to tell you a story that happened to me last night. I’m going to tell it so it feels like it is happening to you!

Character: You are a 20 year old (almost 21!) short blond girl named Stacey. You are not that strong physically but super sassy. You tend to get scared really easily.

Setting: Greeley Colorado. It’s a small rural farm town that is full of so many gangs! You live a little too close to the railroad tracks if you know what I mean. Next to your house there is a concert venue. Your back lot is a scary and dark. It is 9:30 at night and really, really dark and cold.

Situation: It is Wednesday and you are taking the 1/4th Latina you have in you to make a meal for your friends. You decide to taste test the green chili. It was the spiciest food you have ever tasted!!! Oh no you are out of tomatoes to help neutralize it!!! You have to drive to the grocery store with your friends to get more! You hop into your Jeep to drive to the store. On your way to pull on to the street you look to your left. There are two gangsters spray painting “18th street gang” on the concert venue. One gangster stops and just stares at you. He has a mean fearless look in his face while his friend continues spray painting. You drive off really scared and call your roommates to tell them to lock themselves inside. Then you call 911. The dispatcher is really worried. Your roommate calls you and tells you the police want to talk to you. When you get home you see a super sexy police man whose muscles seem to be about to pop out of his uniform. He asks you to file a witness report. You tell him everything. You think to yourself, “what if this gangster gets mad that you told on him and kills you!?” The end

I was scared. Now reading this story I feel that I overreacted.

I with wish that I would of thought to tell the police man that as a witness, I do not feel safe at home so maybe I should sleep at his house ;) He can pull me over any time.

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