Monday, October 19, 2009

Not sure if I should be offended or not....

Have you ever gone to the website It is a really funny website where people submit ridiculous texts they received. Each text starts off by the area code. I logged on expecting many laughs but instead found a text that possibly could have been about me!!!! A not nice one I might add.

(303): She said she had a thing for dinosaurs.Come get me now!

303 is my area code!!! I love dinosaurs. I love to talk about dinosaurs...especially when I drink. I’m not sure if I have ever said that I had a "thing" for dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are not a fetish of mine...It is just an interest of mine.

Anyway, there are probably many girls in the 3oh!3 that love dinosaurs but this made me very sad. Maybe this is why I am still single.

Also, I think tomorrow I will write a blog about why dinosaurs are so cool.


  1. I think it's cool that you like dinosaurs ;-)

    If I were a guy, I'd prob think it's cool still :-/ I thought men like things like that? Anyway, when you meet the "right" guy, he'll be so smitten, he wont care if you like hairy men dressed up like little pink fairies - love does that!

  2. Well thanks :) Too bad Ross from "Friends" isn't real because we would be soulmates!