Monday, March 14, 2011

Don't talk to me

I like to play words with friends on my phone because I am a scrabble master. It really ticks me off when I'm playing and people decide to have stupid conversations with me. I know it's called words with FRIENDS but if you were paired with me as a random opponent I do not actually want to be your friend.  I'm fine with the occasional "nice move" or "you're welcome for that triple word setup" but nothing else. This is what happened last night while I was minding my own  business and about to play a really awesome word...

Me (thinking): Oh new message? that's weird.
Random person: How old are you?
Me: 13
Random person: Do you have a big butt?
Me: I'm calling Chris Hansen
Random person: Who's that?

Needless to say I resigned that game.

If you want to  play with me my name is staceyfaceywacy. I won't get too mad if you talk to me just don't go into creep mode like sir rando (mentioned above). I warn you though, I've been known to get 70 point words.

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